Ocean View Diving Services offers first-class servicing, maintenance and repair

All servicing is carried out on-site in our service centre in Lancing, where every stage of servicing is carried out by experienced, qualified technicians with craftsmanship and quality guaranteed 100%



Gas Filling

With our spotless Bauer Compressor we offer the following Services:

  • Air Fills to 300bar
  • Nitrox clean air to 300bar.
  • Nitrox Fills to 100% Oxygen.

Trimix fills, we always carry Helium but ask that you give us a quick call with requirements. Due to its nature, we ask that trimix cylinders are left here so that we can ensure that the mix that you ask for is the one that you get. I am sure that any trimix diver will understand this!


Equipment Servicing

We service all major brands of equipment. Onsite servicing is carried out for Regulators, BCD’s, Drysuit repairs, Cylinders and various other small items. If you have a cylinder in for test with us, we will always let you use one of ours at no cost if you require it. We offer cylinder servicing at our sister-company Southern Cylinder Services, in Fareham. We offer impartial advice on all scuba diving equipment and peripherals.

If an item needs to be sent off to a manufacturer, we will always inform you before hand.


Equipment Hire

All of our School Equipment is available to hire. Whether you need just a regulator or a full UK equipment hire package, we can ensure that you get fitted out for the right kit for the job. All of our equipment is supplied by major brands such as:

  • Scubapro
  • Oceanic
  • Suunto
  • Hollis
  • Halcyon
  • Apeks
  • Cressi

Please note, we do not hire masks, snorkels, torches or SMB’s and Reels. To hire a drysuit you must show a valid drysuit certification card. Kit hire is from pick up to drop off, not the number of days you actually dive.



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