PADI Open Water Diver

A PADI Open Water Certificate is your invitation to the most exhilarating spectacles Mother Nature has to offer



Red Sea Wreck with Coral
Whether you are interested in the explosive kaleidoscope of colours within a beautiful coral reef or the rusting metal of a wrecked military cruiser, the PADI Open Water Diver Course is the world’s favourite way to get there.

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be weightless? Do you want to find out what your mates have been banging on about all this time?

Our Professional and friendly Instructors and Divemasters will make sure that your journey to becoming a qualified diver is the fun and stress free adventure that it should be.

You will start by taking your crew pack home with you to carry out the Home Study part of the knowledge development, you will learn about many different aspects of diving theory, equipment, safety, skills, and what to expect during your course.


Scuba ReviewYou will then come to us armed with most of the background knowledge you need to complete the rest of your course.

We run monthly courses, each course taking place over 2 consecutive weekends. The first weekend is spent with us at our dive centre in Lancing, we split each day to be a mix of classroom and pool training.

The second weekend is when you will be completing your qualifying Open Water dives at a suitable open water dive site.

Because we have our own pool on site we have the capability to also run courses at other times, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss this option with us.

Please note that you will need your own mask and snorkel for the course, we believe having your own comfortable mask is very important throughout your training.



COURSE PRICE & DURATION: £495 / 4 days (group course)
We can offer this course on a one-to-one basis, please enquire for course pricing.

PREREQUISITES: 10 years of age

COURSE CONTENTS: Home study; Knowledge development; Confined water dives; Open Water dives; Exam

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Mask and Snorkel, Log Book, Swimwear, a towel and a t-shirt to wear in the pool



Open Water referralIf you prefer the idea of learning to dive on holiday, but don’t fancy spending half of your holiday in a classroom, we have the answer, you could do the Open Water Diver Referral Course. You do your home study here, the classroom and pool work with us, then finish your qualifying dives at a different PADI centre whilst on your holiday.




Open Water Class & Pool – Referral     Monday 9th – Tuesday 10th

Open Water Class & Pool – Referral     Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th

Open Water Dives Wraysbury     Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd


Open Water Class & Pool – Referral     Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th

Open Water Dives Wraysbury     Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th



Open Water Class & Pool – Referral     Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th     Find out more

Open Water Dives Wraysbury     Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th     Find out more



Open Water Class & Pool – Referral     Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd     Find out more

Open Water Dives Wraysbury     Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th     Find out more



Open Water Class & Pool – Referral     Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th     Find out more



Open Water Dives Wraysbury     Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd     Find out more


Open Water Class & Pool – Referral     Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th     Find out more



Open Water Dives Wraysbury     Saturday 6th – Sunday 7th     Find out more



Open Water Class & Pool – Referral     Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th     Find out more



Open Water Class & Pool – Referral     Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd     Find out more




To find out more about our courses, or to book your course give us a call or email us