Lundy Dive Sites

Let’s choose some of the dives we do in June.


Not long now until we get to play with the Seals off the coast of Lundy Island.

There are several great sites around the Island, weather dependant (of course, this is the UK) we can choose the sites we visit. As with most of this we would have to go with the majority decision, and of course then the final decision of the skipper given the weather and tide state on the day.


The Knoll Pins

The Knoll Pins are three vertical pinnacles of exposed wall which are covered in colourful Jewel anemones, cup corals and pink sea fans, and dead mans fingers. It’s the most colourful dive site we have on Lundy.

Dives depth 10-25 meters.


The MV Robert

MV Robert is the only intact wreck to dive at Lundy, It was a 50 meter Coaster who lies 1mile east of Lundy where she sank in 1975. She rests on a muddy sea floor on her starboard side, Large sections of the ship are covered in plumes anemones and there is often a small shoal of bib on the wreck

The dive depth for this is 24 Meters


The Carmine Filomena

Carmine Filomena was an Italian steam powered Cargo vessel that ran aground in 1937 just off Rat Island she had just left south wales on her way to Genoa carrying a cargo of coal. Part of the wreck is now covered in an amazing growth of kelp forest which lends its self to a home for cuckoo & Balkan wrasse, pollack, dogfish and conger ell.

Dive depth 8-18 meters.


Iona II

Iona II is a protected wreck and Lundy Diving is the only charter boat from Ilfracombe that has the licences in order to dive her. She is a Paddle steamer lying off the east coast of Lundy where she lays after setting sail to assist in the American Civil war. She’s well sunk in the sea bed but you can visualise her boilers and engine.

Dive depth is 25 meters


Gull Rock

Gull rock is a protected site and Lundy diving is once again the only charter boat from ilfracombe that has a licence to dive it. Here you will see cannons and cannon ball from this unidentified rock.

Dive depth 30meters


The Devils Slide

This site comprises a labyrinth of steep sided gullies up to 5 meters high with golden sand at the bottom, often covered in sand eels. The clean granite sides of the gullies are covered in dead men’s finger and anemones. This is often the best place to see lobsters and crawfish.

dive depth is 12-35 meters



HMS Montuage

The Montuage was a pre dreadnaught Duncan class battleship which hit the island in 1906 only 5 years after being built. She has been extensively salvage but there are still thousands of tons or steel, armour plating and munitions to explore. All the wreckage lies under the cover of a kelp forest, she is the most recent of lundys wrecks to be given protected status.

Dive depth is 4-15 meters.






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